August 12, 2021 by Daran Wastchak

#004  What Is the True Cost of Hiring the Wrong Person?

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004 What is the true cost of hiring the wrong person?

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In this episode, Daran will be talking about one of the biggest causes of stress for small business owners:  the loss of an employee.

Whether employees leave voluntarily or involuntarily, the impact to small businesses, especially those with a very small staff, is almost always significant. 

The business suffers a loss of productivity, output, employee morale, and all the dollars associated with these things.

The impact to the small business owner is almost always a loss of time to do other important work while they focus on finding and hiring a new person, all of which results in a loss of freedom.

To reveal the true cost of replacing an employee, Daran will share objective data from a report published by the Center for American Progress.  These results will be a real eye opener that you'll want to hear!

Lastly, Daran will provide information about his upcoming "Dream Team" Builder Workshop where he will share the secrets for how he built a "dream team" of employees for his own business, then sold the business to three of them 24 months later.

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Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [1:57] When an employee leaves, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, there are costs associated, disruptions to work flow, employee morale is down, loss of productivity, and for the business owner a loss of freedom.
  • [2:17] I wrote an article recently with the same title as this podcast. I share the stress and struggle that I was caused with the loss of one of my key employees. 
  • [3:22] The Center for American Progress has a report that shows the cost of losing an employee.
  • [5:31] What if we could reduce turnover?
  • [6:45] Join me in my FREE “Dream Team” Builder Workshop where I provide insights into the process that I created to find the “right people” for my team.

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