"Dream Team" Builder

The most important ingredient for success are your people!

Unless you operate a 100% automated, robotic business, you need the help of other people to deliver the services or products you sell.

For this reason, this old saying is incredibly accurate and true:
"people are your most precious resource."

A corollary to this truism is the secret to true success, and of course freedom:
"finding the right people."

But finding the "right" people is much easier said than done.  Sometimes keeping them is even harder:  keeping them engaged, keeping them motivated, and keeping them on your payroll.


So how do you find the "right" people for your business?

Get everyone rowing in the same direction!

Our "Dream Team Builder" online course will provide essential tools to build a team that's all rowing in the same direction:

  • Aligned with your organization's culture;
  • Bought-in to the direction you're headed and outcomes you want to achieve; and
  • Engaged in their work each day because they truly feel part of a team with real purpose.

What you'll be learning...

  • A simple hiring process that sorts the tire kickers from the super stars and significantly increases the odds of you finding employees that will be aligned with your company culture on day one, and therefore much more likely to be a member of your team for the long term.

  • A process for determining the essence of your company's culture so that everyone on your team, from the board room to the mail room, is on the same page.

  • How to motivate the entire team to work collectively toward a well defined future that everyone is excited to be a part of.

  • A check-in process that will ensure individual alignment, buy-in, and engagement after the hiring decision has been made.

  • An overall system that will often lead to the quiet departure of those on your current team who are less productive and/or a drain rather than a booster to the team's energy and morale.  You know who they are... and they know who they are too!


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"Dream Team" Builder

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