Get everyone on your team rowing in the same direction!

A fast paced, hold your attention, must see FREE presentation that will provide valuable information about how to create a "Freedom Focused" business with a team of employees that are highly engaged, enthusiastic, and motivated to take your small business to a higher level of performance, and at the same time create much greater personal and professional FREEDOM for you, the owner.

Can't wait to share all my secrets of how I did this very thing with my own small business, then sold it to three of my key employees!

Look forward to seeing you in the workshop!

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What are people saying?

“The message Daran shares is exactly the challenge most business owners face. I would highly recommend following his system to create your own Freedom Focused plan for your business."

Gary Wilbers
Ascend Business Strategies

“In just 60 minutes, Daran explained how to make core values more than just a catch phrase or icon on your home page, but instead a fundamental ingredient in the long term strategy of your business.  10 out of 10!  I would recommend him/his presentation to any business owner / decision maker.”

Francesca Zunzucchi
The Barking Lot Concepts, LLC

 “Daran's message is what every owner and manager needs, especially if they are struggling with their approach to managing their team.”

Rebecca Smout
Salt River Projet