December 29, 2022 by Daran Wastchak

#036  A Fresh Start to the New Year Begins with Goals

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036 A Fresh Start to the New Year Begins with Goals

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In this episode, host Daran Wastchak will be talking about the year ahead, and what every small business owner should be doing to ensure that it will not only be a very successful year, but also a year that ends with much greater freedom for you, the owner, and also the rest of your team.

What small business owners need to be doing is setting goals.

But not just setting them, Daran is going to be sharing with you a very simple process for how to actively use your goals to keep everyone on track, reduce overwhelm, and also create excitement, buy-in, and a huge sense of accomplishment for your team.

He's very much looking forward to sharing this information with you, especially as we bring the current year to a close, and start making plans to take maximum advantage of all the positive opportunities available to us in the new year.

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