February 10, 2022 by Daran Wastchak

#017  Employee Reviews You and Your Team Will Look Forward To

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017 Employee Reviews You and Your Team Will Look Forward To

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In this episode, host Daran Wastchak will be talking about one of the biggest missed opportunities small business owners have to create much greater employee buy-in, engagement, and happiness.

That opportunity is... regular employee performance reviews.

Daran admits that for the first 15 years he was in business, he didn’t think employee reviews were all that important.

However, he realized later, when rebuilding his company in 2016, that the employee review process was a tremendous missed opportunity, and in this week’s episode, he's going to make that point very, very clear.

Additionally, he's going to share with his listeners the simple but effective employee review process that he created to make his team stronger, and helped him to realize greater personal and professional freedom as a small business owner.

Every listener will learn how to take advantage of a FREE GIFT that will allow them to implement their own employee performance review process that everyone will actually look forward to!

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Here's a glance at this episode...

  • [02:56] Engagement with your employees.
  • [06:00] Why are managers dissatisfied with their employee review process?
    • Lacks defined goals
    • Establishing the wrong goals for the employees
    • Not enough feedback
    • The feedback is too spread out
    • Lacks adequate focus on career development for the employee
    • Not enough effort put into the performance reviews
  • [07:14] In order to make employee reviews better 10-15% of companies have removed the performance rating from their review
  • [08:23] You have to be 100% committed to doing employee reviews.
  • [09:22] When I started doing my review process it started with a simple, fillable PDF form that the employee would fill out before the review. It’s a self assessment that makes the entire process much less interrogation and critique and much more a discussion that the employee has willingly shared with you.
  • [09:55] Another advantage of using a self assessment process- the bulk of the work is done by the employee.
  • [11:53] Ask the employee four simple questions.
    • What have been your greatest challenges?
    • What have been your greatest achievements?
    • What is your overall assessment of how you’ve done over the past year?
    • What can we do as a company and I as your supervisor to build your skills and make you successful?
  • [12:28] The last section of the review form I ask the employee for a half dozen or so SMART goals. I add a graphic so they know what I am asking for.
  • [13:13] How often should you have the review process?
    • For new employees we strongly recommend a 90 day review after they are hired.
    • The same employee will also get a review at the 6 month mark. Also, recommended for all employees. 
    • Lastly, do not skip the annual review.
  • [16:03] A gift for all my listeners.

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