January 27, 2022 by Daran Wastchak

#016  How to "Never work another day in your life!"

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016 How to "Never work another day in your life!"

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In this episode, host Daran Wastchak will be talking about how to make work more like “play” by working as much as possible on activities that fall within your “unique ability”.

By doing so, you will love the work you do and it will no longer feel like “work”.

In this way, your professional life will feel much more like “never working another day in your life!”

This is the maximization of both personal and professional FREEDOM.

He's looking forward to sharing how to achieve all of this personally, and as a small business owner.

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Here's a glance at this episode...

  • [01:14] Noted in a recent article published in Inc. Magazine titled “The Absurdly Simple Reason People Quit That No One Ever Talks About” Lindsay McGregor’s research shows that almost no businesses are focused on another factor that is critically important to our motivations at work…play!
  • [01:48] By play she means activities that come naturally to you, that you love.
  • [02:02] Examples of play at work…
    • Sorting and organizing anything
    • Editing a bunch of documents
  • [03:17] There is another term that expresses the same concept and that is unique ability.
  • [03:24] Our daily activities are broken down into 4 main categories.
    • Activities that we are incompetant at.
    • Activities that we are competent at.
    • Activities that we are excellent at.
    • Activities that are our unique ability.
  • [07:21] A great example of unique ability would be professional athletes or musicians.
  • [11:14] You want to know that the person you are hiring will be a good fit for the position you are hiring for. Most of the work they will be doing should be in their unique ability or play for them. How can you accomplish this? I created “Dream Team” Builder to help you do just that.

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