December 2, 2021 by Daran Wastchak

#012  "Dream Team" Builder Course Debrief

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012 "Dream Team" Builder Course Debrief

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In this episode, host Daran Wastchak will be doing a debrief on the online course he just finished launching, “Dream Team” Builder.

Joining Daran for this discussion is one of the students in the course, Ben Weiss.

Ben is not an ordinary student.  He’s created his own online course, and so can provide critical feedback on what worked and what didn’t as he moved through the modules and lessons in the course.

Ben has worked in a small business for many, many years, so he also understands the challenges that many small business owners are faced with.

It’s this unique perspective that Ben brings to the table that Daran will be tapping into as he and Ben debrief and talk about “Dream Team” Builder in retrospect.

If you missed participating in the “Dream Team” Builder course, or were on the fence about joining Daran for the next launch, you won’t want to miss this episode!

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Here's a glance at this episode...

  • [00:38] Introducing Ben Weiss.
  • [06:00] Ben talks about the “Dream Team” Builder course.
  • [08:28] Hiring the right people is important. Vision provides employees with direction.
  • [09:23] The pace and length of the course.
  • [11:00] Ben’s top 2 takeaways from the course.
    • Core values
    • Hiring process
  • [13:25] What more can be done with core values?
    • Understand why you are using them.
    • Keep them front and center.
  • [15:20] Idea of vision.

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