Making Rejuvenation Time a Reality, Not Just a Dream

May 9, 2023

Abu Simbel Temples, Aswan, Egypt

Abu Simbel Temples, Aswan, Egypt (photo credit: Gunter Grafenhain)

To impress the might of Egypt on the people of Nubia, in 1264 BC the Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II carved a temple complex on the banks of the Nile out of solid rock to honor himself and his chief wife Queen Nefertari. (1)

3,200 years later, the lake created by the Aswan High Dam would have sunk the magnificent temples, know today as Abu Simbel, below water if it were not for an incredible international effort to excavate and reassemble them on higher ground above Lake Nasser.

Visiting Egypt had always been a dream, but I knew nothing about Abu Simbel until I saw the picture above showing Ramesses' beautiful temple bathed in sunlight, which made me wonder... was the picture taken at dawn or dusk?

Someday, I wanted to see for myself!


Rejuvenation Time

In previous articles, I've talked about the importance of "recharging your batteries" and also giving yourself "time to think."

Both come from time spent rejuvenating your mind and body, and are critical to creating a Freedom Focused business that maximizes your personal and professional freedom.

When my daughters were very young, there was no such thing as "rest and relaxation" when we took a vacation
, let alone much if any rejuvenation.

Not until my youngest turned five, and was much more self-sufficient, did we embark on our first trips to explore touristy places in the state of Arizona, like Tombstone in the south and the Grand Canyon in the north.

Eventually, we extended our road trips to out of state, with the first big trip to see Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks.

Wastchaks at Sequoia

Rejuvenation hit a new plateau for me when I happened upon an incredible opportunity to travel abroad with the girls for the first time.

We booked a trip to Greece to see the Acropolis in Athens, the stadium in Olympia, and the Temple of Apollo amongst the hillside ruins of Delphi.

Seeing their eyes light up when they saw places and objects they had only read about in text books, creating unforgettable experiences together, and knowing their view of the world was forever changed, had a very profound impact on me.

After that trip, I vowed to travel somewhere with the girls every year for Spring Break, while they still cared to hang out with dad, and before their own careers and families would make it much, much less possible.

And we have, including standing in front of Ramesses' temple at Abu Simbel last year in Egypt, allowing me to see for myself whether the light in the picture above was from a rising or setting sun.

Abu Simbel is on the west bank of the Nile, facing east, so the picture was taken at dawn rather than dusk.

Abu Simbel

Making the Impossible, Possible

Not all, but most people seem to have a desire to explore the world outside of their home town.

When you're doing so, it taps into the adventurous side of your character, at whatever level that might be: climbing Mount Everest in Asia or wanting to know what's on the other side of the mountain you can see on the horizon from your backyard.

For those of you who are on the more adventurous side and would love to travel to far away destinations, internationally or even domestically, the biggest hurdle may be the expense or it may be all the planning and logistics of where exactly to go, how to get there, what hotel or short-term rental to book, the best activities to do, where to eat, exchanging money, etc., etc.

For me, too much hassle with logistics sucks any joy or possible rejuvenation right out of a travel experience.

This, along with the expense of four people, is the reason why for many years I thought it was impossible to travel with my daughters internationally even one time, let alone every year.

That all changed when I discovered a trick to breaking down barriers to this special kind of rejuvenation time and, in short, making what seemed impossible, much, much more possible.

A game plan that is by no means new or novel, and not even a big secret, reserved only for those with an inside track on special deals or benefits.

Ever since that first trip with my daughters to Greece, traveling to far off, unfamiliar destinations has become realistic and feasible, with my anxiety and concerns about logistics removed, and all at an affordable price that focuses on value without compromising quality.

So what is my game plan?

It has two important parts...

map on laptop

Part One

Planning for Rejuvenation Time

In my recent article, "Charting Your Path to Greater Success and FREEDOM" and podcast, "A Fresh Start to the New Year Begins with Goals,", I talked about the power and importance of setting goals for your business, because goals are an essential element to building a Freedom Focused company.

Personal goals are equally important. In particular, the personal goals of the business owner(s), because their freedom is tied directly to the level of freedom created by the business.

There are many tips and tricks to personal goal achievement, but one of the most powerful yet simple tips that I learned many years ago is posting pictures of your goals somewhere that provides a regular reminder.

If your goal is to build a new swimming pool in the back yard, find a picture of your dream pool and tape it to your bathroom mirror so you see it every night before you go to bed and every morning when you wake up.

It may take you a year or it may take 10 years, but if you want that pool bad enough, chances are very, very good that you will eventually build and enjoy it.

Your mind will be constantly working to achieve that goal, consciously and unconsciously steering all that you do in life gradually towards its achievement.

Every trip with my daughters begins as a goal, following this exact process.

However, rather than a picture on my bathroom mirror, for the past 25 years, pictures representing most of my goals have been assembled into a screen saver slideshow on my computer that is in my face multiple times each day.

This is part one of my game plan for making rejuvenation time a reality: establish a goal and constantly remind yourself of the goal.

map on passport

Part Two

Removing Barriers

Part two of my game plan takes away any excuses for not booking a trip.  Again, I'm sure you will agree that it's not a huge secret and anyone can do it...

Book your travel through a travel tour company you trust and who offers affordable prices.

Our first trip to Greece was booked through Gate 1 Travel, and all but one trip since then have been too.

The trick in part two is to integrate it with goal reminders in part one.

You do this by subscribing to the email list for your favorite tour company (or companies) so that you receive regular updates and reminders of the trips they've scheduled and, typically, any special pricing they may be offering.

In the case of Gate 1, unlike so much of the junk email landing in my in box, I get excited every time an email with the subject line "The Deal from Gate 1 Travel" shows up.

I eagerly look through the list of possible destinations, marvel at the great discount prices, and occasionally click the link for a trip that looks particularly interesting, see what's included, and let the itinerary map and pictures carry my mind away for a few moments before returning to the work I had been doing.

The most important role that this part plays is making the impossible much more possible... turning your dreams into rejuvenation time.

You don't need to know or worry about any of the logistics necessary to make a trip listed on the email possible. 

For anyone who has ever planned their own trip, you know there are always lots and lots of logistical details that must be considered and coordinated for a trip to be successful.

When you hire a travel tour company, all the essential logistics are taken care of for you for one package price. 

Once you board the plane and arrive at your destination, the tour company takes over from there.

All you have to worry about is waking up each morning and following a preset itinerary that minimizes worry and stress and maximizes 


Turning Dreams into Rejuvenation

Now that summer has officially begun, if you haven't done so already, the time could not be better to set your personal goals for rejuvenation.

Set a goal for at least one chunk of time this summer, be that a road trip to the nearest tourist spot you've wanted to see, a "staycation" at a local resort, hotel or short-term rental, or exploring the other side of the mountain on the horizon.

Also set a long term goal for a larger adventure, perhaps on the other side of the country, or exploring the sights, sounds and culture of another country on the other side of the globe.

It may be feasible next year, or 5 years from now, but if you don't set the goal, and remind yourself of that goal regularly, chances are very good you will never see for yourself if the sun is setting or rising in that fascinating place you've only seen in pictures.

Lastly, pick a travel company that you can trust and provides affordable prices on travel packages to the places you've always dreamed of visiting... and some you haven't even thought of.

Sign-up for their email list and let the email reminders go to work on your conscious and subconscious mind.

If my experience with Gate 1 Travel has piqued your interest, you can click here to visit their website and receive a $50 discount on your first trip by giving them my name and account number (
5975786) when booking.

I fully recognize that group travel with set itineraries may not be for everyone, but it is the key to traveling affordably.

For those of you who want much more customization and control over how you travel, when you travel, and what you do when traveling, there most definitely are higher priced travel tour companies that will meet your needs. Get on their mailing list instead, or also.

Whatever you decide to do, take steps to turn your dreams into not just a reality, but rejuvenation time away from work to 
recharge your batteries and think.

In doing so, you will most definitely be staying... 

Focused on your freedom!

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