Time to share the secret ingredient to my "secret ingredient" soup!

August 10, 2021

The time has finally come!

I've been talking about how to create a business that is "Freedom Focused"

One that includes a "dream team" of employees who are 
highly engaged, enthusiastic, and motivated to help you grow a stronger and more profitable business.

But what exactly are the "secret ingredients" for turning your business into a "Freedom Focused" business that will provide you with much greater personal and professional freedom?

What are the steps?  How do you make it happen for you and your business?

This, my friend, will all be revealed to you in one of my "Dream Team" Builder Workshops.

The best part, besides learning a whole lot of stuff to start you down the path to greater freedom, is that the workshops are completely FREE.

As I've said before, my vision for the future of small businesses is...

"Every small business owner running a Freedom Focused business where their personal and professional freedom are maximized."

The only way I'm going to achieve this vision is to share the business strategy secrets I've learned 
with as many small business owners as possible.  The same strategies that turned my own small business into a Freedom Focused business.

If you are...

...tired of the struggle and frustration of every day life as a small business owner.

...working hard every day to improve your situation but can't quite find the magic formula that will allow you to break through to a better place for your business.

...wishing you had a team of employees who cared as much about your business as you do.

...wanting much greater personal and professional freedom, the kind you hoped for when starting your business in the first place.

Then you need to make a point to sign-up for a "Dream Team" Builder Workshop and start your journey to end the struggle and frustration, find the magic formula to break through, hire a team of employees that care, and create greater freedom for yourself.

The truth about "secret ingredients"...

Listen to Mr. Ping reveal his secret, then I'll share a bit more about mine....


Just as Mr. Ping reveals, there is nothing particularly special about my "secret ingredients"!

That's right, my secret ingredients are time tested, well documented, well used strategies for making businesses operate more efficiently, more productively, and more profitably, and they've been around for ages.

HOWEVER, if the strategies I used to create my "Freedom Focused" business are not special or unique, then why doesn't every small business owner use them?

THAT is the answer that I will provide in my "Dream Team" Builder Workshop

You'll be learning the specific tools and my formula that together will help you to build a foundation for your own "Freedom Focused " business, the very same strategies that I used to rebuild my business and eventually sell it to three of my key employees.

I'm super excited to tell you how to build your "dream team" of employees that are highly engaged, enthusiastic, and motivated to help you grow a stronger and more profitable business.

I look forward to doing that in one of my "Dream Team" Builder Workshops.

Click here to learn more about the course.

So here's the deal...

If you're willing to invest just 60 minutes to get FULLY up to speed on a powerful strategy that will allow you to create much greater freedom in your business...

I promise to reward your energy with a fast paced, hold your attention, must see presentation that will...

Provide valuable information about how to create a "Freedom Focused" business with a team of employees that are highly engaged, enthusiastic, and motivated to take your small business to a higher level of performance, and at the same time...

Create much greater personal and professional FREEDOM for you, the owner.


Can't wait to see you in a workshop!

Until then, stay focused on your freedom!

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