#002 How to Become Freedom Focused

Jul 15, 2021
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Freedom Focused
#002 How to Become Freedom Focused

What exactly is "Freedom Focused"?


In this episode, I will be explaining my formula for moving small business owners and their business from less freedom to more freedom, as measured by the "Four Levels of Freedom Survey".

The foundation of the Freedom Focused program is people.  I'll be providing an overview of how you create a "Dream Team" of high quality, highly aligned, and highly engaged employees.

Once you've created your "Dream Team", you must make the most of the team in order to create greater freedom for not only the business owner, but also the entire team. 

In this episode I will provide an overview of the two key elements that make up the second part of the Freedom Focused program that we refer to as "execution" or "implementation."

At the end of the episode, I'll be introducing the guest who will be joining me on the first "Freedom Secrets" podcast episode.

Look forward to having you join me.

Until then, stay focused on your freedom!


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