#011 Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Nov 19, 2021
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Freedom Focused
#011 Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

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In this episode, I'll be bringing together all that we've been talking about in the past several episodes (i.e. core values, vision, pre-employment quizzes) to show you how, collectively, everything works together to help you to hire exceptional people for your organization.

People who will be a right fit for your team, aligned with your core values, engaged, and energized to help you achieve a bigger and better future for your organization.

As noted in a previous episode, hiring the wrong person can be very costly, anywhere from five to fifteen-thousand dollars, depending on the level of compensation for the person.

No one wants to waste money, or time.

Instead, learn my proven process for hiring a “dream team” of individuals who will be around for the long term and help you to create a truly Freedom Focused organization. 

Looking forward to telling you how!

Enjoy the show and don't forget to...

Stay focused on your freedom!

See Article; Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

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