#007 Productivity Secrets with guest Dirk Haupt

productivity Sep 23, 2021
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#007 Productivity Secrets with guest Dirk Haupt

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In this episode, I'll be interviewing Dirk Haupt to learn what his tips and tricks are for greater productivity.

Dirk has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and during this time has started 4 businesses and sold 2. 

He has an MBA from Arizona State University and taught classes for ASU's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute as well as various business classes at Paradise Valley Community College.

With his current company, Professor Quick, LLC, Dirk provides bookkeeping, back office help, and coaching for small businesses, helping owners to run their business in a way that is flexible, fulfilling, and fun!  Dirk calls this the “Small Business Lifestyle”.


Listen to this episode to hear more about...

  • The "Small Business Lifestyle".
  • Dirk's "3 Big Ideas" for greater productivity that he's developed over his entrepreneurial career, and that he shares with small business owners.
  • The meaning behind the name of his company, "Professor Quick".   Very interesting, and creative! 


Be sure to join us to hear great advice on how to become more personally and professionally productive.

Enjoy the show and don't forget to...

Stay focused on your freedom!

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